An open-topped vehicle supported by anti-gravity technology designed for planetary travel.


front.jpg Also known as a flier, an air/raft can carry four persons plus four tons of cargo. Cruising speed is usually 100 kph, with unlimited range and endurance. The air/raft is unpressurised and usually open-topped.

Air/rafts are not designed to operate in very thin atmosphere, vacuum or on worlds with no gravity, but they are ubiquitous, remarkably reliable and flexible vehicles in operation throughout the Imperium and beyond. Despite being more expensive than ground vehicles they are an especially popular mode of transport in less developed regions with underdeveloped transportation infrastructure and are very often kept in hangers on starships due to their great versatility. There are many different types of grav-vehicles, both open and closed topped, but the air/raft is the standard by which all others are judged.


Air/rafts negate gravity and hover in any gravity field. They are equipped with ’grav thrusters’ that largely only negate a gravity field, by manipulating this field they can create a small thrust equal to about 0.1G. The grav thrusters are always proportional to local gravity, such that a floater or air/raft will negate gravity on all planets, regardless of its gravitation.

It is theoretically possible for air/rafts to reach orbit, but occupants at that altitude would have to wear vacc suits and the entire procedure is fraught with difficulties. The maximum possible altitude that an air/raft can achieve is a geocentric orbit of up to 2,000km.



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