Sullen Gulf sector

Sullen Gulf subsectors
A Masaq’
B Elench
C Liseiden
D Xoxarle
E Sursamen
F Morthanveld
G Ronte
H Vateuil
I Chiark
J Gzilt
K Oranen
L Chekwri
M Dra’Azon
N Skaffen
O Perosteck
P Pavulean

The symbols used in the subsector maps are intended to make any reader instantly aware of certain basic points of information about the worlds and systems in a sector. The symbols used present basic data about fuel availability, local bases, population, and starport type at a glance. More detailed information is contained in the world listings.

Within each hexagon, symbols are placed in specific positions to aid in their readability. The map legend shows this positioning. World symbols are centered in the hex; bases are shown to the left; gas giants are shown to the right.

World Characteristics: Each world symbol indicates if water is present on the world and usable for fuel. Asteroid belts are indicated by a distinct symbol.
Bases: Symbols indicate the presence of various types of bases within a system. Research stations may be indicated by any greek letter.
Travel Zones: Certain systems which have been classified as dangerous or interdicted are indicated by a circle.
Population: Worlds having a population of less than one billion are indicated in lower case type. Worlds with a population of more than one billion are indicated in upper case type. Each subsector capital is indicated in color.



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