Major Race

There is some disagreement about what makes a Major Race and exactly which species are Major races. A Major Race is generally defined as one that developed jump drive technology (allowing interstellar travel) independently. While it is in general agreed there are 6 Major Races, how they are defined varies a little. All races that are not Major Races are Minor Races by default.

Commonly accepted Major Races
Though the oldest of the jump capable races, the Droyne were the last to be recognised as such probably because they do not have any empires or regions controlled by their race. The race is scattered across known space.

While there is little dispute as to their status as a Major Race, it has been alleged that the Fteirle attained jump drive through reverse-engineering a crashed Solomani vessel, and are not thus not technically a Major Race.

Of all the major races they both appear and think the most “alien” to most humans. Despite their name Hivers actually have a highly individualistic society.

When humans first reached out to travel to the stars most were very surprised to find they were already there. Three sub-species of humans independently developed jump drive technology and are therefore classified as Major Races in their own right.

  • Solomani
    The Solomani name derives from “Men of the Sol system.” It is generally acknowledged that Terra is the original homeworld of Humaniti and that they were spread amongst the stars thousands of years ago by the Ancients.
  • Vilani
    The Vilani developed on Vland. They were the first race of Humaniti to invent the jump drive, and created the First Imperium.
  • Zhodani
    The Zhodani are known for their high level of psionic ability and its formal integration into their society.

They are herd animals and rarely found alone. They are militant and often aggressive herbivores with a disdain for all meat eaters.

Vargr are a bipedal canine slightly smaller than a human. Wolves taken from Terra were genetically manipulated by the Ancients to a bipedal form in an attempt to create suitable servants.

Major Race

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