Minor human race

A human population whose ancestors were planted on a world of their own by the Ancients around -300,000 and which developed separately from other human-inhabited worlds until it was eventually contacted by a star-faring society.

Minor human races are distinguished from major human races by the fact that minor human races didn’t discover jump drive on their own, while major races did.

As well as the three recognized Major Human Races (Solomani, Vilani, and Zhodani), there are 46 Minor Human Races known to the Imperial scientific community (though some dispute this classification). Many human races are indistinguishable from each other though a few began from a small gene pool and/or developed in an extreme environment develop unique characteristics.

The Ancients transplanted populations of Homo sapiens antiquus to more than a hundred worlds. On a large number of these the populations survived down into historic times. Some have become extinct between the time the Vilani first invented jump drive and the present day. Some became so intermixed with Vilani that they ceased to have a distinct existence. Others simply died out. Some were exterminated by the Vilani. By 1100 there were 49 human races (including the three major ones) known to Imperial scientists.

Many human races are indistinguishable from each other without genetic testing, though a number of them began from a small gene pool and/or evolved in an extreme environment and developed unique characteristics. Some were tampered with by the Ancients.

Minor human race

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