Solomani Confederation

2_symbol_oldearth.jpgThe Solomani Confederation is the third largest Human interstellar state, exceeded only by the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. The original boundaries of the Confederation were the Solomani Sphere, a 50-parsec radius zone centered on Terra (Solomani Rim 1827). During the Solomani Rim War a quarter of its territory was lost to the Imperium, leaving a large bite missing from its central coreward region down to Terra.

The present Confederation includes portions of 13 sectors: most of Aldebaran, Alpha Crucis, Canopus, Magyar and Neworld and smaller slices of Dark Nebula, Daibei, the Solomani Rim, Spica and Ustral Quadrant. It also includes slivers of Reaver’s Deep and Old Expanses.

The Solomani Confederation was founded in 871, when the government of the Solomani Autonomous Region reorganized itself in an attempt to strengthen its claims to the heritage of the old Terran Confederation. The chief governing body of the Solomani Confederation is the Secretariat. The Secretariat is presided over by the Secretary General, who is elected from its membership. The Secretary General is the chief administrative officer of the Solomani government, and while the office holds great power, it is fully accountable to the Secretariat.

Representatives to the Secretariat are appointed by the governments of the individual districts. The number of representatives each district may appoint is determined according to that district’s contribution to the Solomani economy. A district typically consists of a single world, but low population worlds or depressed areas are combined into multi-world districts. In the case of a district such as this, an election is held to determine the representative from that district. These, however, are not elections in the normal sense; the governments vote, rather than the populace. Each government of such a district is allocated votes (again, according to its economic importance) which are used to elect a representative for that district.

All government officeholders and officials must be members of the official party, the Solomani Movement (alternately called the Solomani Party). Although formerly of great power and influence, the party is now weak, decentralized, and of little importance. Real power in the Confederation is held by the government and the factions.

Solomani Confederation

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