The Imperium

Also called the Third Imperium.

Founded in Year 0 by Cleon Zhunastu from the Sylean Federation in what is now Core Sector. The Imperium grew swiftly during the pacification campaigns and more slowly thereafter until stability was reached in the 600’s, by which time the Imperium had absorbed much of the territory of the First and Second Imperiums. The reigning emperor is Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi, oldest surviving issue of Paulo III. Born on 202-1049, proclaimed emperor by the Moot in 1071.

The Imperium is the third in a series of consecutive galactic empires:

  • The First Imperium (or Ziru Sirka) was an empire of the Vilani.
  • The Second Imperium (or Rule of Man) was formed by the Terrans after they had conquered the First. The Rule of Man collapsed due to the weight of the stagnation that it had absorbed from the Ziru Sirka.
  • The Third Imperium arose after a period known as The Long Night, when a small federation of planets known as the Sylean Federation re-absorbed the worlds of the previous empires.

Government Structure: The Imperium can be best thought of as a form of feudal confederation. Member worlds of the Imperium agree to pay taxes and obey a few fundamental laws which the Imperium promulgates, known as the High Laws. In return, the Imperium agrees to patrol the space between the worlds, to protect interstellar trade, to encourage travel and commerce, and to arbitrate diplomatic relations between worlds. Beyond this, individual worlds are left to their own devices so long as they acknowledge the power of the Imperium to rule the space between the stars.

Imperial power is present on member worlds in the form of consulates, bureaucratic offices, and bases. Sometimes, larger enclaves of Imperial power are placed where they can enhance the emperor’s strength.

The Imperium’s territory is divided into sectors, which are in turn divided into subsectors and systems. Groups of sectors, called domains, have been created above the sector level.

During the Pacification Campaigns, Emperor Artemsus divided space into six regions, labeled them domains, and appointed an archduke over each of them. To each archduke, he assigned the continuing pacification of the domain’s many systems and their integration into the Imperium. Following the civil war, the emperors expressed concern about individuals with powers equaling their own, so they moved to lessen the power of the archdukes in the Imperial government. Each archduke did retain the power to create knights and baronets.

In the years following the Fourth Frontier War, Emperor Strephon has reestablished the archdukes’ ability to collect taxes, legislate and enforce the desires of the emperor on the local level.

The Imperium

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